Pass the July Bar Exam. Take a study break today and read your state bar’s exam-related rules.

Every bar exam study season I get last minute questions such as:  Can I bring highlighters and post-it notes into the exam?  How do I certify my laptop?  A pillow?

I remind students that it is critical to study (not just glance through but carefully study) all the rules and regulations about what you need on exam day including admission ticket and identification, what you may and may not bring in, and how to certify your laptop, etc.  Also, know what you must do and what the deadlines are for uploading your answers after your bar exam.

Learn everything you need to know for your bar exam.  Some steps must be taken in advance, so this is a good weekend to re-read all the instructions, well in advance of bar exam days. See today’s post

The bar exam is already difficult enough.  Why have any problems on the exam that can be prevented?  Be proactive.  Read and know all the rules!

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