Happy July 4th!

Whatever you are doing in your life, today is a good day to take off the day entirely and enjoy yourself.

Some people need to work, or are involved in huge commitments such as preparing to take the bar exam, and will feel better studying half the day and then relaxing.  (Bar Takers, see blog post geared specifically to you.)

Holidays are funny.  We are supposed to do certain things, and supposed to have fun.  (“Supposed to have fun” –let’s think about that carefully.)

Sometimes they are fun.  And, sometimes we get exactly what we need from the people we hang out with.  And, some people throw the best July 4th barbecues ever!  What is your favorite grill item?  Steak, burgers?  Or are you a grilled salmon, tofu, or vegie kabob fan??   And, the best sides??  Corn on the cob, coleslaw, watermelon?  Name the foods you prefer!

But other times, forcing yourself to socialize is not the best “break” you can give yourself.  You may be tired and need a break but really would prefer, and be better served, by curling up on your own couch and watching fireworks on TV.  Especially if you are taking the bar exam, people may ask questions or make comments that throw you off your game.  And the last thing you need is to hang out with unsupportive people. (Take another look if you have not recently at the Chapter on Supporters and Saboteurs,  CHAPTER 6: Enlist your Troops & Lose the Nay-Sayers: It takes a village of positive people, of Pass the Bar Exam: A Practical Guide to Achieving Academic and Professional Goals.)

So, bottom line, enjoy today in whatever way makes you feel good.

Author: Sara J. Berman

Sara J. Berman, a graduate of the UCLA School of Law, is a Professor of Law and Assistant Dean at the Touro Law Center. She formerly served as a Director at the Washington DC-based Center for Legal Education Excellence.

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