Represent Yourself in Court

Represent Yourself in Court: How to Prepare and Try a Winning Case

Law students: Study this book in law school to bolster the skills and understanding you will need for success on the performance test portion of the bar exam.

Front Cover

Represent Yourself in Court is a perfect tool to help law students prepare for the performance test portion of the bar exam.  It breaks the pretrial and trial process down into easy-to-understand steps.  Armed with these clear and thorough instructions, you will be prepared to:

•  file court papers                        •  present an opening statement

•  deal with pretrial issues             •  cross-examine hostile witnesses

•  handle depositions                     •  make and respond to objections

•  pick a jury if necessary             •  line up and prepare witnesses

•  discover, obtain and
prepare your evidence               •  deal with the court clerks and judges

Whether in your performance test you are role-playing as counsel for a plaintiff or a defendant, this book will help you understand the basics in handling a civil lawsuit.


“An excellent resource that outlines what’s involved in representing yourself in court—from presenting evidence to the rules of cross examination.” New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Nolo publications…guide people simply through the how, when, where and why of the law.”The Washington Post




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