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Bring PROFESSOR SARA J. BERMAN to your school, business, or organization as a motivational speaker.

Professor Berman spoke on September 24, 2015 to the Women’s Leadership Program at the George Washington University. The Elizabeth J. Somers Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) is a selective, year-long, living and learning program for freshmen women of any school at the George Washington University. WLP students have the benefit of small classes, close contact with faculty and women in leadership roles, and strong community ties within the program. 


Berman graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC Santa Barbara and earned her JD from the UCLA School of Law.  As is obvious in Berman’s blog posts ( and recent book: Pass the Bar Exam: A Guide to Achieving Academic and Professional Goals, Berman is an optimist. She is a woman whose words empower and whose life experiences inspire.

Berman has made countless presentations to students and faculty alike on a wide-range of topics including goal setting, study skills, fighting procrastination, battling peer and professional pressures, writing and writer’s block, and finding success in self-empowerment.

Berman analogizes passing the bar exam with facing and conquering any major challenge in life. Every area of study and every profession has its mountains: entrance exams and interviews, finding first jobs and securing promotions, climbing success ladders while maintaining one’s own integrity, starting and finishing big projects, and balancing worklife pressures while leading one’s team to productivity and success.

Berman speaks credibly to people in every educational and professional walk of life on the keys to success including: goal setting, creating “buy-in” with one’s inner circle, projecting confidence, combatting distractions, speaking up powerfully when change must be made, and effective multi-tasking.

Berman was raised by a single mother and is a single mother. She has taught for decades in schools with diversity missions.  She speaks honestly and credibly about the personal challenges that everyone who considers him or herself “different” faces.  She inspires through her words, passion, and endless energy, pointing the way not only to survive but to thrive.

Berman has served on numerous boards and chaired dozens of committees, as well as serving as PTA President in a large public middle school where she was known as the person who ran effective meetings and got things done.

Berman, was also a pioneer in distance education, teaching for more than 15 years in the nation’s first wholly online law school. Invite Berman to speak to your organization about introducing dynamism into online teaching, meetings, interviews and other distance communications.

  • Law Schools: bring Berman to fire and inspire your students to pass the bar exam first time around. 
  • Pre-Law groups on college campuses: bring Berman to show your students the secrets to success before they even enter law school.
  • Companies: Bring Berman to your corporate retreat to talk about goal setting, motivation, and accomplishment.
  • Universities: Bring Professor Berman to your campus to help inspire all students, especially diversity students, to believe that they can succeed. 

Follow Professor Berman on Twitter @PASSLawProf  and @SaraJBermanEsq



Subject: WLP Symposium

Date: September 27, 2015 

Dear Ms. Berman,

Thank you so much for coming to speak with us last Thursday. Your talk was the best and most motivating symposium we have had so far. You really inspired me to always have a goal in mind–right after your talk I made a list of some goals I want to accomplish this year. Your success as a lawyer and motivator is so impressive and I’m extremely grateful that you were able to take some time out of your schedule to share it with us.


GW ’19

Subject: GWU WLP Symposium

Date: September 26, 2015 

Dear Ms. Berman,

Thank you for coming to speak to us at WLP at GWU last Thursday. While I am not pre-law, your advice was especially helpful to me at this time in my life. I hope to go to medical school after college, and I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the things I have to do. Your advice on setting small and big goals helped me a lot and I feel confident about working hard and smart in my first year of college. Thank you again.

Subject: Thank You

Date: September 26, 2015 

Good morning, 

I would like to thank you very much for speaking to us on Thursday. It was a wonderful experience and I walked away with and inspiration and motivation that I’m sure will follow me throughout my time here. 

Thank you again!


GWU International Relations B.A. Candidate

Class of 2019

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