• Law Schools:
      • Bring Prof. Berman to talk with faculty about integrating bar success into the curriculum.
      • Bring Prof. Berman to campus (in-person or by Zoom) to inspire your students to pass the bar exam first time around. 
  • Pre-Law groups on college campuses:  Bring Prof. Berman to show your students the secrets to success before they even enter law school.
  • Companies: Bring Sara Berman to speak at your corporate retreat to inspire and motivate managers and employees with goal setting, time management, and getting to the finish line. 
  • Universities: Bring Prof. Berman to your campus to help inspire students, especially first generation and nontraditional students, to believe that they can succeed in academics and in life.

Prof. Berman has made countless presentations to students and faculty alike on a wide-range of topics including goal setting, study skills, fighting procrastination, battling peer and professional pressures, writing and writer’s block, and finding success in self-empowerment.

Every field and every profession has its mountains: entrance exams and interviews, finding first jobs and securing promotions, climbing success ladders while maintaining one’s own integrity, starting and finishing big projects, and balancing work-life pressures while leading one’s team to productivity and success.

Prof. Berman speaks credibly to people in every educational and professional walk of life on the keys to success including: goal setting, creating “buy-in” with one’s inner circle, projecting confidence, combating distractions, speaking up powerfully when change must be made, and effective multi-tasking.

Berman was raised by a single mother and is a single mother. She has taught for decades in schools with diversity missions.  She speaks honestly and credibly about personal challenges and inspires through words, passion, and endless energy, pointing the way not only to survive but to thrive.

Berman has directed departments, served on numerous boards, and chaired dozens of committees, with a long track record of getting things done.

Berman, an early adopter of distance education, in the nation’s first wholly online law school, can speak credibly on how to bring dynamism into online teaching, meetings, interviews and other distance and in-person communications.

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