Bar Exam Approaches: Get out of your own way

When facing high-stakes competitions, matches, performances, or bar exams, there are tendencies to let in self-doubt. Nerves are normal. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. But the key to success on Game Day – or Bar Exam Days – is keeping the focus positive.

You have been training for this for years. You have taken many high-stakes and low-stakes exams. You know how to read and reason. And, your well-rested mind will perform, so long as you don’t let worry get in your way.

For preparation and to stay mentally limber, continue to use your “cheat sheets” and take the other steps recommended in Bar Exam Success. And, remember, the most important things you can do today and tomorrow are rest, eat healthfully, drink lots of water, and stay positive. Clear the path to success.

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Author: Sara J. Berman

Sara J. Berman, a graduate of the UCLA School of Law, is a Professor of Law and Assistant Dean at the Touro Law Center. She formerly served as a Director at the Washington DC-based Center for Legal Education Excellence.

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