Ten Reasons People Pass the Bar Exam

  1. You have an effective study schedule, and you stick to it! Slow and steady wins the race.
  2. You devote two full months to full-time bar preparation after law school.
  3. You clear your calendar during bar prep of outside responsibilities, commitments, and distractions.
  4. You engage fully in the bar review process, learning everything that will be tested (especially what will be heavily test) including mastering concepts you never fully grasped in law school.
  5. You master systems or frameworks to memorize key rules and concepts.
  6. You enlist the support of reliable, helpful people and resources and you separate yourself from those who distract you intentionally or inadvertently.
  7. You take practice tests and study answers to every one to determine how to improve. You approach practice tests as if training for a marathon.
  8. You admit and manage the anxiety and nerves that are a normal part of high stakes exams and high stakes aspects of the profession.
  9. You practice self-care throughout bar prep, eating healthy foods, getting regular and adequate sleep, and engaging in some form of daily exercise.
  10. You believe you can and will pass.

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Author: Sara J. Berman

Sara J. Berman, a graduate of the UCLA School of Law, is a Professor of Law and Assistant Dean at the Touro Law Center. She formerly served as a Director at the Washington DC-based Center for Legal Education Excellence.

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