How to Move On: Study. Read and Study.

One of the most important things bright people can do who want to change the world we will live in and make it a better place is to go to law school. The future needs thoughtful people who are willing to do the hard and incredibly rewarding work of understanding laws –how they are appropriately made and changed, and how they are protected.
On either side of the aisle, if you are frustrated with the world today, encourage all the smart and hard working people you know (young and old) to study. Study history. Study the arts. And, study law.  A legal education is one of the greatest gifts our society has to offer.
And, if law school or any kind of formal schooling is not in your future today or tomorrow, read. Libraries were not something everyone always had access to.  Now, everyone can read, for free!  Consider this quote from Representative John Lewis in a November 16th Washington Post article by Ron Charles, , “Some of you know I grew up in rural Alabama — very, very poor with very few books in our home.” Forcing back tears, he recalled walking to a local public library with his siblings to get a library card and being turned away because the library was for whites only.”

Author: Sara J. Berman

Sara J. Berman, a graduate of the UCLA School of Law, is a Professor of Law and Assistant Dean at the Touro Law Center. She formerly served as a Director at the Washington DC-based Center for Legal Education Excellence.

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