PASS Contracts Study Guide

List Price:
ISBN: 9780974008936
Edition: 1
Author(s): PASSLAW

PASS Contracts Study Guide

PASS publishes a workbook-style study guide: PASS Contracts.  If contracts confuses you, this is the resource you need.

PASS Contracts is an easy-to-use study aid to help you pass contracts exams in law school and on the bar exam, and on the FYLSE.  Learn more about Contract formation (offer, acceptance and consideration) and defenses to formation.  Learn about conditions and discharge and how to determine if a party has breached a contract.  Learn contract remedies including navigating the waters of damages, restitution and equitable relief (specific performance).  Another tricky area that the PASS Contacts Guide makes easy to understand is third party issues, third party beneficiaries, assignments and delegations.

PASS Contracts is not a long treatise. You won’t fall asleep reading it!  It’s an interactive workbook that includes the most heavily tested rules in a format that helps you learn how the issues are typically tested.

PASS Contracts also helps you become fluent with the criminal law terminology essential to exam success, with many “test yourself” opportunities and a glossary of terms. In addition to the short-answer questions, there are full-length practice contracts essay questions with explanatory answers. The guide also includes tips on how to study, outline, and complete practice questions to prepare most effectively for your exams.

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