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Bar Exam MPT Preparation & Experiential Learning For Law Students: Interactive Performance Test Training

Bar Exam MPT Preparation & Experiential Learning for Law Students: Interactive Performance Test Training (ABA Publishing 2017)

Pass the Bar Exam: A Guide to Achieving Academic and Professional Goals (ABA Publications).

PASS The Bar Exam (ABA Publishing 2013)

Pass the Bar Exam: A Practical Guide to Achieving Academic & Professional Goals, by Sara J. Berman Now available on Amazon!

Pass the Bar: A Practical Guide to Achieving Academic & Professional Goals

Purchase your copy today from the ABA Bookstore  Law students receive a 30% ABA member discount. PASS the Bar Exam: A Practical Guide to Achieving Academic and Professional Goals (ABA Publishing 2013) was authored by PASS co-founder, Professor Sara J. Berman.  Berman, a graduate of the UCLA School of Law, has been a professor of law since 1998, joining the Whittier Law School in 2010 where she serves as Assistant Dean for Academic and Bar Support.  Professor Berman conducts bar review lectures nationwide, preparing students for both substantive and skills portions of bar exams nationwide.


There are several new books on the market for Academic Support Professionals and for law students…. First, I am reviewing a book published last year by the American Bar Association, PASS THE BAR EXAM written by Professor Sara J. Berman.  This book provides a step by step guide for individuals embarking on their journey to pass the bar examination.  Not only does this book provide crucial details about the bar exam, it guides readers to understand who they are learners and thinkers.  It offers interactive questions, quizzes, and exercises to increase thoughtful reflection and a deeper awareness of the motivational factors required for successful bar passage.  One highlight for Professors and Academic Support Educators is that the Teacher’s Edition provides many useful tools that can be integrated into Bar Support Classes and Programs.

Professor Berman’s two decades of experience is illuminated in this text and the teacher’s manual.  This resource can help make studying for the bar exam more manageable and less stressful.   If you are thinking about starting a Bar Support Program at your law school, if you are a student seeking a framework for bar strategy and success, or a Professor who wants to integrate more bar support into your curriculum, this book is a great place to begin.



Who should read Pass the Bar Exam and why?

  • Law students!!  If you are in law school, this book is written for you and to you. It is an interactive guide. Think of it as talking with a mentor or supportive professor who is sharing advice, stories, worksheets, quizzes, and other planning tools to help you pass the bar exam. The best part is that these very same professional, life, and study skills will help far beyond bar prep. They will help you achieve most any goal you invest this kind of effort in. Seeing that what you put into bar success will pay success dividends for decades to come should make the study process a much more rewarding one. Read on; join me in what I hope will be an ongoing “vicious cycle” of success!
  • Families, friends, spouses, and partners of law students. Many of you are or will be confused, even offended, by the behavior of your son, daughter, mom, dad, husband, wife, partner or friend. He or she seems inordinately stressed out, or has virtually disappeared. You can’t help but think, ‘How hard could law school be?’ And, ‘isn’t the bar just another test?’ This book will help you “get it.” As a key player in the support network of someone taking the bar exam, your help at this stage is critical. Learn what bar takers go through and how you can lend a hand, or back off, as needed.
  • Law school deans, professors and administrators, particularly Academic Support (ASP) and Bar Support Faculty designing and teaching both for credit and extra-curricular bar success courses, in live and distance learning settings. For you, there is also a special Teacher’s Edition Guide, with lesson plans, syllabi, and an updated section on online bar support.
  • Prospective law students. This book should help balance some of the negatives you may hear about legal education so that you see that despite the great challenges there are still enormous rewards. I hope it helps you decide to go to law school. If you do, the text and tips will help you succeed in school as much as on the bar exam. The book will help you start good habits from day one.
  • Experienced attorneys who work with new lawyers. This book will help you understand some of the concerns facing prospective law clerks and new associates. It may assist you in becoming a stronger mentor and more effectively integrate new lawyers into law practice. Today’s attorneys face generational divides. There are challenges for Baby Boomers managing new graduates from the millennial generation. There are also more second and third career law students which means as experienced lawyers you may find yourselves supervising newbies who are older than you. The legal world is also more diverse than ever. Tolerance and the ability to see things from different perspectives will be an increasingly critical asset. (Some refer to this as “cultural competency.”)
  • Students working to achieve any academic goal, from high school to graduate school. Much of the stress and many of the challenges described here are not unique to law or the bar exam. Replace the words, “passing the bar exam” with “doing well on final exams or midterms,” “getting a high score on the SAT, LSAT or other standardized test,” or “completing most any professional training,” and you will find useful success strategies.



Pass the Bar Exam, Teacher’s Manual

Pass the Bar Exam, Teacher’s Manual

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, Pass the Bar Exam and this Teacher’s Manual are for you:
  • Your Dean comes to you and says, I know you have your hands full helping 1L and 2Ls to develop basic law school and study skills, as well as time management, but we need you to create and teach a bar support course this Spring.”
  • Bar pass rates have dipped at your law school. With the job market and economy, your students are unhappy. You need to breathe new life into your bar support program.
  • You are the ASP and Bar Support Director. There is only one of you and hundreds of students. How can you help them all without spreading yourself too thin?

Pass the Bar Exam, Teacher’s Edition is designed to serve faculty who are developing or growing bar support efforts in law schools. Its companion book, Pass the Bar Exam, is a stand-alone volume for students to help them plan and navigate the road to bar success. This Teacher’s Edition, used in conjunction with that text, can help faculty design their own courses and workshops and assist in one-on-one counseling of students who are preparing to take the bar. Including exercises, discussion questions, sample syllabi, and chapter-by-chapter lesson plans, the Pass the Bar Exam package will help you build the foundation for successful bar support


The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive the System (Written by Paul Bergman and Sara Berman; published by

The Criminal Law Handbook

The Criminal Law Handbook explains every part of a criminal case including:

  • arrests
  • booking
  • preliminary hearings
  • charges
  • bail
  • arraignment
  • search and seizure
  • plea bargains
  • sentencing
  • juveniles

A “must have” book for law students studying for law school courses in criminal law and criminal procedure and to prepare for the bar exam!


Represent Yourself in Court: How to Prepare and Try a Winning Case (

Front Cover

Represent Yourself in Court breaks the pretrial and trial process down into easy-to-understand steps. Learn to:

•  file court papers                        •  present an opening statement

•  deal with pretrial issues             •  cross-examine hostile witnesses

•  handle depositions                     •  make and respond to objections

•  pick a jury if necessary             •  get help from an attorney or
•  discover, obtain and                     legal coach
prepare your evidence               •  deal with the court clerk and judge

•  line up and prepare witnesses

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, or a law student preparing for a performance test problem on the bar exam or for your first law job or internship in a law firm or law office, this book is for you!


PASS Study Guides

Available for purchase at Legal Books Distributing, The PASS Study Guide series is a set of interactive workbooks designed to help students prepare for law school exams and the Bar Exam.  The Guides are not meant to serve as a comprehensive course treatise, but as streamlined tools that will help you hone in on heavily tested rules and concepts, to learn the rules and how to organize the concepts. The guides also contain tips and suggestions for writing effective exams.


The essential legal rules in each Guide are set out in easy-to-memorize formats that include an element-by-element breakdown. And they are set out in the order you will likely need them on an essay question!  Logical organization is key to success on law essays and these Guides help you learn the law in the way you need to access it.

Fluency with legal terminology will help make you exam-ready.  To help with gaining a command of the terms in each subject, the Guides contain fill-in-the blank spaces to help you learn and memorize terminology, as well as a glossary of selected terms.

In addition to learning the law and memorizing key rules, the most important way to pass your exams is to practice.  (Practice, practice, practice.)  Each chapter contains short-answer Test Yourself questions, with spaces to write your own answers and explanatory so that you understand the reasoning behind the correct answers.  Working through these Q & A as you study will help you master the concepts and skills of applying rules to facts in the context of each subject.  In addition to short-answer questions and answers, each guide also has full-length practice essay questions with explanatory answers as part of the Appendix.



Please note that the information provided is subject to change.

1 thought on “Books

  1. Anba

    Hi Professor Burman.

    I am preparing for the University of London, International Program’s LL.B. Examination (Year 1). I came across your book, “Pass the Bar Exam”, by chance, in our local library, Singapore. I was over delighted to find it very interesting and motivating. I have never read any book so motivating to a law student. It covers almost all aspects.

    I think it is a fantastic book for students, & it is going to go a long way for me! You have done a great job, Professor Burman.

    Thank you very much, & Best of Wishes!




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