Sara Berman currently serves as the Director of Critical Skills and Academic and Bar Support at Nova Southeastern School of Law.

Berman photo

Professor Berman has been a professor of law since 1998. Her courses include criminal law and procedure, torts, contracts, remedies and community property, as well as legal writing, study skills, and bar exam success courses and seminars.

Professor Berman also conducts bar review lectures nationwide for Kaplan Bar Review, preparing students for both substantive and skills portions of bar exams in numerous jurisdictions.

Her publications include Pass the Bar: A Practical Guide to Achieving Academic & Professional Goals, published in 2013 by the American Bar Association, and The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive the System and Represent Yourself in Court: How to Prepare and Try a Winning Case, both co-authored with UCLA Law Professor Paul Bergman and published by She has also spoken extensively and published numerous law-related articles, as well as bar exam and academic support course materials.

Professor Berman attended the UCLA School of Law for her JD, and received a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Berman graduated college Phi Beta Kappa, with Distinction in both the Political Science and French Literature majors.

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